A Literary Wanderer’s Giftaway 2016


I know this post came completely out of the blue, but I’ve decided that I wanted to giftaway books that I’m about to unhaul in December rather than sell them online. Now I am not one to celebrate Christmas, but I’ve always believed the thought about sharing your blessings and the gift of giving. 🙂 

*None of the books I’ll be handing out are brand-new/new releases since these books are those I have purchased that I haven’t given the love that it deserves. My babies need their TLC from someone who might actually get to give them. 

Before everything else, I would just like to mention that this is exclusively for book lovers in the Philippines. I’ll be linking below a google form link where you can send me the necessary details. The form will close at the 1st December, 2100 local time. 

Personal Interest

  • your favorite genre(s)
  • your top FIVE (5) reads this year
  • your favorite book of all time
  • goodreads link/personal inventory

Perosonal Details

  • full name
  • complete address (with postal code)
  • phone number

***GOOGLE FORM LINK HERE – https://goo.gl/forms/6g9kK0HTK5ODB8cn1
**see note below! 

*Make sure to send me your goodreads link (or a owned-books inventory?) if you want me to avoid sending you a book that you already have. But it’s free so I hope none of you will feel sad if you do? 🙂

Anyway, this giftaway will be completely random but I’ll try my very best to send you a book that’s based on what you mentioned above. Side note, I don’t want anyone to have high hopes, but I can NOT guarantee that everyone who messages me will get a book. Since these books are pre-loved, please take note that the number of books I’ll be giving away will be limited. So most likely, the first 6-10s people who messages me will have the highest chances of receiving a book or two. 🙂 I’ll try to cater more, if it fits my budget. Let’s face it, shipping can be a bit expensive even locally! 

There’s a chance you’ll get a hardcover dystopian novel, a real cute contemporary, an arc, a poetry book, a middle grade novel, a signed book, a non-fiction book, a book I enjoyed but don’t really find myself re-reading, etc. As much as possible, I would like to give away books that I know YOU guys would enjoy (at least, hopefully).

Please, please, if you’re below 18 and you’re interested, ask for your parents’ permission as you’ll be sending me personal details. 

If you have any questions, you can comment below or send an email at alliedelro[at]gmail.com.

Until then ♥

!!! UPDATE [16NOV16]: I have received more forms than I actually expected, so I am closing this gift-away for now! As soon as I get to plan what I’m gift-ing away to the first set of people, I will inform you all via twitter or instagram when you can send in a form again. Thank you so much! ♥


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5 thoughts on “A Literary Wanderer’s Giftaway 2016

    • To a community that welcomed me in open arms, I just really felt greatful! On a serious note, officially joining the book community after years of wanting to do so […rather of being unactive], it might as well be one of the greatest highlights of 2016 for me. 😊 So great to hear that, Hazel. ❤️


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