RECAP: Meeting Morgan Matson in Manila.


“Sunshine. Joy. Smile.

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend like I did! As you read the title, I met Morgan Matson last Saturday, the 17th of September thanks to National Bookstore. Morgan Matson is a NYT Best Selling Author who wrote the famous YA contemporary novels Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour, Second Chance Summer, Since You’ve Been Gone, and The Unexpected Everything.

Okay, shameful confession but I literally have not read any of her books. I own all of them now, and hopefully I get on it ASAP!

Now on to the recap, I arrived at the venue before seven in the morning, and the line wasn’t too long when I got there. This was my first signing in NBS Glorietta, but they say that the lines are usually long at that time *sometimes even a hundred or so, but my friends and I were numbers 54-56!

I waited in line with Len from Infinite TBR List (left) and Blessie from Mischievous Reads (right), who are members of #NALitLoversPH, our little new adult book club. We later on met Bea from Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic.


Let met just tell you this, it’s so amazing to meet the people you’ve been talking to for quite a while now in real life! ♡ We talked about books, internet drama, bookstagram, book signings, and so much more! These ladies were so sweet, I had a great time chit-chatting with them while waiting for ten o’clock to come for the registration (or for the general waiting time, ha!).

We were lucky enough to find vacant seats near the front, since there were already 50+ people who were earlier than us and the all of the seats were taken. There was even a guy who camped at two o’clock the previous day! Some readers are extremely dedicated, it’s crazy! I salute that guy for having the patience, and envy him for having all of the time in the world. Anyway, since we scored real nice seats on the second row, we could clearly see the stage while sitting pretty.


So near, right?! Anyway, since the signing starts at two in the afternoon and it was just around ten thirty, there were still plenty of time to kill. As much as I wanted to read Since You’ve Been Gone or The Unexpected Everything, I just couldn’t in public with all of the distractions! I just ended up taking snippets and talking casually with Len while Blessie went out for a while with her mom.

#bloggeronaction: Len from

While waiting for two o’clock to come, I was already feeling a bit sleepy from being up and waiting so early (seriously how do people camp out?!), and I haven’t really eaten properly so I snacked a bit since I didn’t want to leave anyone alone. Killed time with the help of bookstagram and twitter. Around 1230 came, I spotted JM from Book Freak Revelations and Hazel from Stay Bookish! I met these two personally in the Book Blogging 101 panel during the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival last August 28th in Raffles Makati. It’s always a wonderful time talking with these lovely people. I also met two other bookish friends named Inah and Jem! So we all went out to have lunch since we had more time to spare, then JM and Inah ended up gushing about Nicola Yoon (they’re the Nicola Yoon PH admins!), cause the photos of the EE movie are so adorable right?! Then we fangirled about The Sun is Also a Star (which is a really, really, really awesome book) and who could be the Daniel Bae if it were to become a movie (omg yes, PLEASE!) and we also talked about how absolutely cute Nicola’s family is! If you haven’t seen the picture yet, head on to her twitter! It’s the pinned tweet! ♡

with Hazel & JM.

Anyway, come 1:30pm, it was time to head back to National Bookstore event space to wait for the lovely Morgan Matson to come. Lo and behold, at 2:15, the host was very lovely and she was such a fangirl as well! She indeed prepped up the crowd nicely. Few minutes later, we see Morgan arriving with a smile on her face carrying her starbucks. She’s one of most bubbly people I have ever seen! She was so nice, pretty, and she was sooooo happy to be there. I don’t think I can remember how many times she’s said that the Philippines is just awesome and she’s having such a wonderful time here.


I’m not going to discuss what they talked about, cause honestly I couldn’t remember everything! Ha, I’m terrible. I should’ve recorded it! But anyway, she clearly said that the Filipino fans were the absolute best! Sorry America! She talked about the dried mangoes she got from Cebu, which are delicious, btw, and said that she was supposed to give Jenny Han (author of The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy) some home as a souvenir, but she might have mentioned that she might have just eaten it. Lol! She also said that every hotel she’s stayed in gave her little chocolates of her books (which she’s already eaten). The rest of the session was a spoiler free book discussion, where she also mentioned that most of her books have little cameos of each other! Like the little bands on the playlist, or the book that’s written by a main character is being read by another in a different book! All of her works are set in the same city, I believe which was a really cute concept.

She also discussed how each book catered to a specific type of relationship! Amy & Rogers were about love, Second Chance Summer’s focus is on family, Since You’ve Been Gone is centered on friendship, and how The Unexpected Everything is everything all mushed up together. This makes me look forward to her fifth book, which comes out on May 2017! I wonder what theme it’s centered on? Hmm. Also, Morgan may or may have not mentioned that there was a little cameo of the MCs in The Unexpected Everything. *wink*

I didn’t get to catch a snippet of the crowd wishing her a happy birthday, since her birthday is actually today (as this post will be up) the 19th of September! Happy Birthday again, Morgan! She also just has the most wonderful fans, that some even had their custom shirts on, some girls cried, ah it was such a good time. She also said that she’ll be making a playlist about the Philippines and that there would definitely be a song about mangoes! Ha!

Come Q&A, someone asked her to say three words that would describe the Philippines (not including mangoes!), and said that it would be “Sunshine. Joy. Smile.” ♡

After that, it was time for the signing!


It was already 4 o’clock when I got around in taking my turn, and I was a bit shy since as I’ve mentioned that I haven’t read any of her books yet! I got shaky and awkward too, but she was still, so nice and kind. Our conversation was longer than I expected since she really took her time signing the books.

Here’s a little non-verbatim version of it:
Me: Hey Morgan! Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t read your books yet…
Morgan: It’s completely fine!
Me: Uhm… what would you recommend me to read first?
Morgan: Hmm… you could definitely start with this one *points at The Unexpected Everything* orrr… if you want to get the little cameos, you could go for Amy and Rogers to begin with… or… Since You’ve Been Gone if you want a good friendship story! You might not want to read Second Chance yet since it’s a bit sad…
Me: Oh that’s what I heard too, some of my friends cried when they read Second Chance Summer. I might not be ready for it yet.
Morgan: *smiles* I know.
*by this time, she’s finished signing her books*
I then asked her if I could tape a little video greeting of her to one of my friends who couldn’t make it and she was just the sweetest *ever!


It’s silly how I was supposed to ask her if she were to come back in the Philippines for vacation but never got around in doing so because I really felt shy! I even almost forgot to take a picture with her, where she literally asked me, “Do you want to take a picture?”.

Morgan and I. Ha, she’s so cute!

After that it was time to go and I got my good bye hugs from her.

After the signing I stayed quite a while until 4:30 to just chat with friends and take pictures. Overall, it was a fun day even if I ended up dead tired. I’m hoping to get to meet more authors in the future. ♡

Here’s a little slideshow of other pictures I got with my friends:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much to National Bookstore for making this event happen! I definitely had a wonderful time, and I’m looking forward to more events like this. ♡

official #MorganMatsoninPH publicity poster!

Thanks for reading everyone. ♡

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10 thoughts on “RECAP: Meeting Morgan Matson in Manila.

  1. I love your recap, Allie! It’s so wonderful to finally meet you, Blessie and Len in person. As well as JM and Hazel. 🙂 Looking forward to see you again in the future events *crossing my fingers for #NALitLoversPH grand meet up*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Allie, if only you could see me now.. I’ve got tears in my eyes.. huhuhu.. Thank you for sharing what happened during MM’s book signing event. The photos are amazing, all of you look fantastic, and MM looks really really sweet. I’m so happy for you all because you got the chance to meet her. I hope I could, too. And meet you all soon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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