Why I Changed My Blog Name.


Heya people of the interwebs!

So I’ve been meaning to change the blog name for quite a while now, and I finally did. Okay, when I made this whole Whispers of Reverie thing, it sounded cool and complex which was something that I was totally looking for… but If I’m being honest, the longer I identify myself-or this website rather as that, the more I think of it, the more I feel how tacky it sounds. It just didn’t (or no longer) possessed the kind of character that I was looking for in the long run. I have consulted a few internet friends if I should do it, and I’m just happy that most of them have been supportive and said that I should do my thing. Do what makes me happy and comfortable! Now I just want something short and catchy. Say, a blog site that people would get right away when I’d tell them the name. 

So now, I give you A Literary Wanderer (allieterarywanderer). I went for this bit of a playful twist which includes my name and my interests! The main purpose of this blog is for books and the occasional travelling that I get to do… so I wanted to incorporate something related to that that to this blog. I guess wandering can also be applied to fictional worlds, right?! Hah! I want this blog to be a bit more personal, so I’ll be working on a few more things to improve this blog site. 💗

Being a university student, it was quite difficult for me to maintain a blog and post quality material… but now that I have recently finished college, I would like to spend more time in taking care of this blog. From revamping the way it looks and exerting more effort to post content, hopefully I can bring out not just book reviews but other content that I could share and what I think you guys would like to see. Posting just book reviews can be a bit boring nowadays and it feels like I need to have a certain edge that would keep you guys posted! Although I am very happy to share with you guys the way I feel with the books I read. 

While simultaneously editing and recreating this page, I will be still post entries when I can. I’ll also attempt on creating a system for this blog. Maybe I’ll also post an update in the future.

Huge thanks to my friends who encouraged me, and helped my decide which address to choose best! I’m personally very happy with how it turned out.

Thank you all for reading! ❤

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5 thoughts on “Why I Changed My Blog Name.

  1. Help me I wanna change my blog name for the longesssst time!!! Haha! I approve of the new name, Allie! It’s both classy and witty and all you ❤


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