BOOK REVIEW | Settling the Score by R.S. Grey


Settling the Score (The Summer Games #1)
by R.S. Grey
Published May 2nd 2016
Link to Goodreads
New Adult Contemporary

Read on: 18 June 2016

*This book takes place three years after Scoring Wilder. The main characters are featured in this series, so you might want to read that first! I enjoyed that storyline as well, and gave it 4.5 stars!BLOG-Synopsis from GRAs an Olympic rookie, Andie Foster has spent far more time in her cleats than between the sheets. For 21 years, her Friday nights have consisted of blocking shots rather than taking them. But now that she’s landed in Rio, she’s ready to see for herself if the rumors about the Olympic Village are true:

• The athletes are all sex-crazed maniacs…
• The committee passes out condoms like candy…
• The games continue long after the medals have been handed out…

As Andie walks the line between rumor and reality, she’s forced into the path of Frederick Archibald, a decorated Olympic swimmer and owner of a sexy British accent–too bad he’s unavailable in a way that “it’s complicated” doesn’t even begin to explain.

In other words: off limits.

It doesn’t matter that he has abs that could bring peace to the Middle East and a smile that makes even the Queen blush; Andie fully intends on keeping her focus on the soccer field. But the Village is small. Suffocating. Everywhere Andie goes, Freddie happens to be there–shirtless, wet from the pool, and determined to show her a whole new meaning of the phrase “international affairs”.BLOG-my thoughtsSince the olympics are going on right now, I figured when’s the perfect time to post this review, right?!

This story was set in Rio, Brazil for the Summer Olympics. Specifically in the Olympic Village. Where we have Andie, a soccer player from USA and Freddie a swimmer representing Britain.
The story with Andie and Freddie isn’t an easy one. It was undeniable that at the first time they met, they had an undeniable attraction to each other. Like magnets, they were crafted to be together. Frankly, I am not a fan of instant relationships, but I just loved their connection with each other. I’ll be honest that I did not like these two as individuals that much because of their indecisiveness and they confuse me so much (?!).

Andie Foster was fun and daring, I must say. Although I found myself annoyed with her with the whole distancing herself with Freddie issue. Other than that, when it comes to soccer, she’s all business. Hardworking, devoted, and full of spirit. She also has a high level of perseverance which makes her a respectable character. A fierce lioness too, at times.

With Freddie Archibald, honestly speaking I thought that he was someone who would just sleep around. Like a notorious playboy/sex god of some sort. Harsh assumption, I know. Typical. He wasn’t though. Quite the opposite of it. He’s so darn smitten with Andie! And boy oh boy does he never give up. There were several down-ish moments with him though, but I won’t elaborate on that. He could’ve handled the issues better… but other than that, he was great! He’s such a talented swimmer, too!

My favorite character has to be Georgie though, Freddie’s sister! She’s spunky, kickass and full of life! Without a doubt, she’s filled with wits. It also felt good to see Knightley and Becca from Scoring Wilder. They have changed a lot over the years since then, and being with them was so much fun!

SETTLING THE SCORE WAS HOT HOT HOT! This definitely has some erotic elements to it, so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who isn’t comfortable with those kinds of scenes. There was more to it though, but as usual the plot was great and R.S. Grey’s writing was chill and easy to get into, and I would recommend this to someone looking for a light sports-romance read!BLOG-4 stars

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