Fairy Loot “Pirates & Power” Unboxing Review


So July’s over and I guess it’s finally appropriate to post about the July Fairy Loot box! I got this for myself as a birthday present since I just spent it last June. 🙂 I must say I’m pleasantly surprised with the contents of this box! This was my first ever bookish subscription box and I was excited to have it.

Now I can’t wait to share to you the content!

  • an exclusive “I Ship It” tote bag designed by the wonderful Alice in Wonderbookland.
  • a Pirate Bounty lip balm from Geeky Clean.
  • a Treasure Island (this is so cute omg) foil adventure notebook by Museum & Galleries.
  • a coloring bookmark (?!) from Behind The Pages.
  • a Frostblood & Fireblood bath bomb from Geeky Clean. guys it smells SO GOOD.
  • a little Daenerys Targaryen Funko Keychain.
  • a personalized signed novel from Freedom Matthews which is Inherited with a letter and post card.
  • Lastly, an ARC of Frostblood by Elly Blake (2017)

My thoughts:

Overall I think I’m very much satisfied with the contents of this box! I’m so so glad to be a Fireblood! It just speaks to me than being a Frostblood. Hah! This makes me seriously want to just grab every book-subscription box out there. The book Inherited is kinda too bulky and heavy from my liking… annnnd I have never heard of it but I hope it’ll turn out great! I really love the tote bag! It was appropriate to the whole theme of this box. 🙂

Subscription boxes can be very expensive… but I can’t wait to pick up another one in the future!

Check out Fairy Loot and subscribe to their newsletter so that you could have updates about their release dates, themes, and other fun stuff!

Thanks and bye for now!

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