Wrap Up | July 2016

Well, July yet again is another impressive month for me! Note that I can be very busy because it’s my last (?!) term in college and I now have just THREE weeks left. Surreal. So so surreal. I might not read that much on August so I’m very happy with this month’s outcome! 🙂

In total, I’ve read nine books! One of which is a novella. That still counts, right?

I managed to finish the whole Shatter Me trilogy including Destroy Me! I refused to read Fracture Me though cause I think that book would’ve broken my heart. 😦

Shatter Me (4.5) | Destroy Me (5) | Unravel Me (4.5) | Ignite Me (4.5)

My favorite one has to be the conclusion Ignite Me! Juliette was just superb there and I greatly appreciated Warner (I never thought I’d say that, LOL) and I just wanted more! So sad to see this series end. Give me moooore.

Then I read three New Adult novels! I haven’t gotten around reviewing these but hopefully I can post my thoughts about them soon.

  Smut (3.5) | Baller (3.5) | Broken Prince (4.5)

Smut and Baller weren’t the best new adult reads I’ve encountered but they were still fun and full of excitement. The leading men were huge hotties too! Broken Prince on the other hand was one of my favorite reads this month! I wish I had more of it! Can’t believe I have to wait for October for Twisted Palace! The ending was just INSANE. I recommend everyone who loves NA to pick the Paper Princess series!

Lastly, I read two Young Adult contemporaries! I enjoyed and devoured them both!


The Sun is Also a Star (5) | Thirteen Reasons Why (4)

Nicola Yoon’s TSIAAS is my favorite read this month. It’s without a doubt bumped to the first place in my YA faves of all time. I thank JM @ bookfreakrevelations for giving me the chance to read this! The book review will be up in a few months. I also finished Thirteen Reasons why by Jay Asher and I wondered if why I never finished this series beforehand! It was such a fast and thrilling book to read!

That’s all for now! I hope you all had a great reading month as I did. 🙂

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One thought on “Wrap Up | July 2016

  1. I really enjoyed 13 reasons why but I know there’s been quite a lot of mixed reviews; I think I jsut read it at the right time.


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