WRAP UP | April & May 2015

Reaaaally delayed April and May wrap up, huh. I’ve only read a good number of 14 books last April and May altogether. The reason I haven’t been reading that much during those months were because April was the week where hell cut loose and decided to give us a huge hassle of a finals month. In May, I went to New York for 18 days. I’m completely head over heels for that city! I think that’s enough to explain about my slight abstinence. 😉

I’ll be mixing it by genre so the months technically don’t matter beyond here!

New Adult Contemporary

Beautiful Disaster (3.5), Walking Disaster (5), A Beautiful Wedding (4), Beautiful Oblivion (3)

Mrs. Maddox (4), Beautiful Bastard (2), Lick (3)
Thoughts: Obviously I was in a Jamie McGuire kick, and I did enjoy much of her books. Her writing is truly exceptional too. Though I expected much of her, but I don’t find myself picking up Beautiful Redemption anytime soon. I mean, she’s really awesome, but I don’t find myself enjoying the women’s point of view as much as the men’s. But still, a great read.With regards to Beautiful Bastard, I was thoroughly disappointed. I didn’t write much about it, but check out how I felt on goodreads: click here. Lick felt average, I was entertained. But average. No review available for that one.
YA Fantasy
White Hot Kiss (4), Stone Cold Touch (4), Red Queen (5)
Thoughts: JLA is seriously one of the best writers, ever. Whether it’s young adult or new adult. I honestly can’t wait to read the last of The Dark Elements trilogy. Just wonderful, wonderful, wonderothful. Now, let’s talk about Victoria Aveyard. She. Is. So. Freaking. Awesome. Definitely, Red Queen is one of the best things I have read so far in 2k15, because it’s so freaking brilliant! GO. Read it. Now!
YA Dystopian
The Heir (5)
Thoughts: A continuation to one of my favorite series! I loved this one too and I can’t wait for the next book! I really enjoy Kiera Cass’ writing, and there’s a book signing event on September, and I’m hoping I could possibly meet here there! YAY.
Goodreads:The Heir
YA Contemporary
That Boy (4), Vendetta (3.5)
Thoughts: That Boy was undeniably cute. I loved it. But I don’t see myself reading the books that are next in line to the series. It’s one of those cutesy contemporaries which basically involves two-three best friends, and you know what happens next! I don’t have a review for this one too, though. What kind of a blogger am I?! Hahaha! Sorry! As for Vendetta, the first half was a bit dull for me. But the next half was gripping! I’m not sure if I’d recommend it though. I bet there’s still better things out there…
Goodreads: Vendetta
Faves of the FAVES!
Thoughts: DAMN! This book was SO GOOD.
Meira was an exceptionally brilliant main character, and I just– wow. I really loved her. She’s definitely my favorite female lead, by far. I really, REALLY can’t wait for the next book, Ice Like Fire! PICK IT UP. RIGHT NOW!
Goodreads:  Snow Like Ashes (Full review)
/// I’m actually hoping I could blog and read more this time! I’m actually going to Toronto, CA in a few days, so I might blog about the trip. Anyway, these months were so great despite the fact that I haven’t gotten the luxury of time lately. I’m hoping for greater reading months, so I can attain my goal!
Ciao ❤
*Other favorites.

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