REVIEW | He+She by Michelle Warren

{The Painful Right Kind of Love} 
informal review. originally posted at perpetualbiblio.blogspot on August 16 (deleted)
4.5/5 stars
He wanted to escape from his previous life, and so did She. 
They meet in San Francisco, and the rest is history.

My hands were trembling and my feet felt numb for some reason I can’t explain. The emotions this book brought me made me unable to fathom these feelings building inside of my chest. It made me laugh and it made me cry. So hard I wasn’t able to even. I felt a pang in my chest because there’s a chance that somewhere out there, they are experiencing the same thing as the characters of this story. The thought of that is depressing. I feel shaken by it.
I’m such a wreck. I sound like I’m overreacting, but I swear I am not.
Let’s  face it. Destiny is a huge b*tch sometimes… but her role in this book was perfection.
The reason for not giving this book five stars despite enjoying it is because I didn’t like the way it ended. I had high hopes for it, but it just didn’t make me feel satisfied. I wanted something else. I wanted something more.
I don’t want to give away too much. I suggest to just go in to this right away. Just, just pick this book up. It’s so perfectly wrecked; you’ll end up falling in love with it. I don’t want to go too critical and over analyze the imperfections of this book. I just… wanted to let it be.
Hew, oh Hew, I was only a few pages in and I fell in love with him in an instant. He isn’t difficult to love despite his imperfections. 
Here is where he won me,
“Somehow, despite the fact that I’m fighting this with every quaking nerve in my body, the thought of her saves me. She is my sanity.”
ahhh my heart.
Shea… I adore this character on a high level. She is so strong, spontaneous and so care-free. That side of her is the epitome of a person who I want to be. She’s so good at having this whole fake role that If I were to spend a day with her, I’d never find out that something beneath this mask is a girl who desperately needs help but doesn’t allow anyone to do so. 
It was about fate, heartache, and new beginnings. 
Don’t pick this up if you’re up for a light, fluffy read, because this is far from what you’re looking forward to. Enter this with an open heart and an open mind but don’t expect too much. Not all people has the same standard in stories like these. 
Sometimes our plans just don’t turn out the way we want them to go. But we need learn to accept in order to move on.



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